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In November 1999 CaP CURE designated a blue ribbon as the symbol of Prostate Cancer:


Until now, there has been no identifiable and consistent symbol for the fight against prostate cancer.   Many leaders in the prostate cancer community believe the time has come to establish an image that becomes a part of the national fabric and creates hope for those battling the disease.  That symbol is here: the blue prostate cancer support ribbon.  The blue ribbon expresses our commitment to beating men¡¯s most often diagnosed non-skin cancer in America.  It is a fitting symbol, associated with "first place" ribbons and traditional preferences of "blue is for boys." Our hope is that this image will create awareness and generate support.  

-- CaP CURE (now Prostate Cancer Foundation)



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 P2586-scan          P2590-scan                              Blue ribbon pin P2619-S1       P2620-web-tan                                         P2595-scan

  P2586              P2590                                  P2619             P2620                                                    P2595

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 The common lapel pin                               A more dramatic pin                              Breast and Prostate (Family) pin


WallyWally sez: The prostate is about the    Gold Walnut Pin     . . . if you divide your treatment cost by the

   size and shape of a walnut . . .                   P7601      weight of your gland, it¡¯s about the cost of gold.


A Survivor¡¯s pin




 Wristband PSA-d-tan                                              Wristband SURVIVOR-d-tan

      W3010                                                                                                         W3020


 Wristband PSA-i-tan                                              Wristband SURVIVOR-i-tan

      W3011                                                                                                         W3021



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